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Key Result Areas Major Program and Projects Status of Implementation
(as of Jan 2013)
Transparent, accountable & participatory governance Creation of Governance Committee at the Board level
Creation of a Finance Policy Manual by the Board's Finance Committee Compilation of SBMA finance-related policies and procedures still ongoing.
Creation of Regulatory Monitoring Unit (RMU) at the Management level
  • Created and activated thru Office Order No. 12-06-0156, series of 2012, dated June 18, 2012, for the proactive and systematic inspection of Locator premises and operations with respect to compliances to SBMA's various requirements for the renewal of locators' Business Permit to Operate (BPTO)
  • As of January 31, 2013, the RMU has conducted 239 inspections or 18% of 1,306 locators, using a Board-approved Consolidated Checkist as basis
  • Continued inspections are done at a rate of 4-6 locators daily.
Conduct of stakeholders' public information and/or consultative forums prior to policy implementation
  • Conducted a Social Acceptability Process (SAP) relative to the project proposal of RP Energy, Inc. to build 600-MW coal- fired power plant in the Freeport.
  • A total of 155 participants representing the six (6) major stakeholder groups within the Subic Bay Freeport - namely, Local Government Units, Business Locators/Sector, Tourism Locators/Sector, Freeport Residents, Landowners (Indigenous People - Aetas) and Freeport Workers - participated in the process.
  • The SAP final report was made public via the Agency's website.
  • Prior to inspections by the RMU, locators are called for to attend a locators 'briefing during which the RMU concept is introduced and the procedures for inspection and evaluation are explained.
  • The RMU likewise provides locators with an advanced copy of the Inspection Checklist and the schedule for inspection.
  • Locators' briefings are conducted at least four (4) times a month.
  • The RMU conducts spot briefings for locators who fail to attend the scheduled briefing in order to awaremess and understanding of the policy and process, and promote flexibility for our locators.
Attendance of congressional committee hearings on rice smuggling & waste dumping
  • Attendance of 20-25 hearings by SBMA Chairman & other senior management officials
  • Additional control/preventive measures put in place.
  • Disciplinary action taken against concerned SBMA officials & locators
  • Coordination with DENR & PCG for imposition of appropriate penalties
Compliance with Sec. 93, GAA Act of 2012 (Transparency Seal) Complied with as of 15 April 2013
Posting of Board-approved policies and guidelines to the Agency's website Complied with as of 15 April 2013
Poverty reduction and empowerment of the poor and vulnerable Signing of Joint Management Agreement among SBMA, Tribung Ambala Ayta ng Pastolan and National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) Awaiting feedback from NCIP re: draft IRR submitted to the Commission on January 10, 2013
Employment generation 89,000 jobs generated in 2012, up by 0.17% from the previous year, and by 94.57% from 45,742 jobs generated in 2001
Release of LGU shares, consisting of 2% of the 5% corporate taxes collected from SBF locators
  • Under a tax collection scheme agreed upon between SBMA and BIR, which began in 2010, LGU shares consisting of two (2)% of the five (5)% corporate taxes have been remitted directly to SBMA for release to continguous/affected LGUs. The allocation of the LGU revenue shares is determined according to population, which is accorded a 50 percent weight, land area for 25 percent, and equal sharing for another 25 percent (Note: The balance of three (3)% is remitted directly to the National Treasury by BIR).
  • From the second semester of 2010 to year-end 2012, SBMA has released a total of P319,837,017.81 to these LGUs under the said scheme.
Gender and Development Program (Status report to follow)
Rapid, inclusive, and sustained economic growth Financial Rehabilitation & Generating New Revenue Sources

Financial Rehabilitation

  • Loan Restructuring Program:
    After soliciting offers from various local banks, the SBMA reached an agreement with LBP which submitted the best offer. However, DPF and BSP gave approvals in principle to borrow only US$27M as the SBMA's WB2 loan was not allowed to be pre-paid. Loan restructuring is expected to be completed by mid-2013.

New Revenue Sources

  • Vale Floating Transshipment Project:
    Total collections of P61M in 2012 & projected annual revenues of P57-65 M for the next 5 years
  • New Fees & Charges:
    • Total collections of P61M in 2012 & projected annual revenues of P57-65 M for the next 5 years
    • Other new fees and charges such as Administrative Fees and increased Admission Fees for Heavy Equipment brought in an additional income of P20M
Seaport Development 2012 Updates
  • Launch of Vale's oil transshipment hub
  • Start of commercial operations of New Container Terminal 2
  • Successful holding of 1st Subic Bay Maritime Conference & Exhibit with more than 500 foreign & local participants
  • Creation of SBMA-initiated Maritime Technical Working Group to implement stateholders' recommendations made during the Conference
  • Increase of 70% in gross registered tonnage, 47% in containerized cargo volume & 11% in no. of ship calls & 15% decrease in non-containerized cargo volume vs. 2011
Airport Development - Subic Bay International Airport (SBIA) 2012 Updates
  • Continued promotion of SBIA for general aviation, aircraft repair, jet charters & other allied aviation activities
  • Use of of the airport area as staging ground for RP-US Mutual Treaty Exercises & various other events such as car test driving/product launching, movie filming/photo shooting by different TV networks and advertisers, sky diving and triathlon
  • Increase of 54 % & 40% in airport and royalty fees, respectively; & decrease of 6% in lease income vs. 2011
Tourism Development Program 2012 Updates (vs. 2011)
  • Increase of 513% in the no. of leisure-related new & expansion investment projects
  • Additional 130 new hotel rooms, including opening of 2 new hotels
  • Increase of 26% in the number of other tourism-related facilities, including the opening of Ayala Land's Harbor Point mall with 274 merchants & 4 cinemas
  • Increase of 13% in visitor arrivals
  • Increase of 108% in the no. of meetings, incentives, conventions & exhibits (MICE) events
  • Increase of 37% in the no. of sports events
  • Arrival of cruise ship MV Spirit of Adventure with 400 passengers (Note: None in 2011)
Industrial Leases
  • Repossession by SBMA from defaulting or non-paying locators and residents of leased premises, totaling some 257,786 sqm of land
  • Continuous business mapping of locators and residents, resulting in billings of PhP5 M and $10 K as SBMA sublease shares
Integrity of the environment and climate change adaptation and mitigation "No Plastic Bags and Styrofoam" program for retail establishments in the Subic Bay Freeport
  • Policy, guidelines and penalty scheme were approved by the SBMA Board in November 2011, amended in April 2012 & implemented on June 30,2012
  • Status: 89% full compliance, 9% partial compliance & 2% non- compliance by affected establishments as of January 2013
Adopt-A-Forest Program
  • Joining of 12 organizations in the program
  • Planting of more than 3,695 trees
  • Donation of 9,452 seedlings to 26 organizations and 40 individualts from Olongapo, Zambales & Bataan in support of the National Greening Program.
Mangrove Conservation Program
  • Continuous monitoring of all mangrove areas; conduct of clean-up activities & awareness lectures and training among students, locators, visitors and researchers; documentation of growth and infestations, formulattion of policies
Adopt-A-Giant Clam Program
  • Seeding of additional 210 giant clams were seeded
  • Regular monitoring by SBMA Ecology Center, together with project adopters, which include the PNP & some Freeport locators
Biodiversity Monitoring Program
  • Conduct of two-day training with invited experts on marine &C11 terrestial biodiversity for concerned SBMA departments (Tourism and Law Enforcement Depts.)
Turtle Conservation Program
  • Conduct of information and awareness campaign among stakeholdets and enlisting of their help in the conservation effort every turtle nesting season
  • Total of 12 nestings, seven (7) of which already hatched, recorded in 2012
  • Provision of assistance to Olongapo City in its turtle conservation effort by providing the tags and lending them pliers
Bat Conservation Program
  • Twice a year bat roost monitoring and bat population surveys
  • Estimated total bat count of 24,014 as of January 2013
Gender and Development Program
  • Random roadside vehicle emission testing in coordination with SBMA Law Enforcement Traffice Branch
  • Regular testing of vehicles of transport groups and service contractors, as required for their registration renewal
  • Total of 512 vehicles were tested, as of 2012
Gender and Development Program
  • Completed samplingin June 2012 for classfication of the bay classified as Class SB (for contact recreation) with end view of coming up with stricter standard for effluent discharge to the bay
  • Evaluation by DENR of water quality result still ongoing
Gender and Development Program
  • Conducted 50 EOS and lectures for new SBF employees, visitors and locators in 2012. (Note: This is an ongoing weekly activity)

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