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Traffic Rules

Traffic Rules for all motorists in Subic Bay


General Traffic Rules and Regulations
1. Make a full stop at intersections with stop sign or flashing red light or solid white line painted across the road. A full stop means a complete cessation of movement, not a rolling stop.
2. Yield to vehicle traveling a road with a right of way and those which have approached the intersection first.
3. Approach with caution or slow down at any intersection with yellow flashing traffic light.
4. All motorists should pull over to give way stop to emergency vehicles (Red Light/Siren).
5. Observe proper lane usage and speed limits, and give the proper signal to other motorists.
6. Obey all traffic lights and hand signals of traffic officers.
7. Load and unload at designated areas only.
8. No driving under the influence of alcohol or prohibited drugs.
9. No parking on yellow painted curbs.
10. Always have valid driver's license and latest vehicle registration when driving.
11. Wear seat belt.
12. No traveling downgrade on neutral gear.
13. No wearing of headphone/earphone while driving.


Vehicles Entering the Residential Areas
1. Vehicle Pass or Decal
-Residents/Lessees/Sub-lessees are required to secure vehicle passes or decals for their respective vehicles from the Transportation and Communications Department with endorsement from LAMD.
2. Motorcycles
-Motorcycles without muffler silencer shall be denied entry at housing areas.
3. Buses
-Only duly authorized mini-buses (20-25 persons capacity) and/or smaller vans are allowed to shuttle passengers inside housing areas. Large tourist buses may be allowed on a case-to-case basis upon approval by LAMD.


Parking Rules and Regulations
1. Overnight parking outside designated parking space in residential areas
-Only visitors of residents shall be allowed to park on white lane. Residents shall park their vehicles in their respective parking spaces or garages/carports. Otherwise, your vehicle will be considered illegally parked and shall be towed at the owner's expense.
-Residents of units without any parking space or garages/carports shall be allowed to park their vehicles on the street in front of their units.
-Using an open lawn, turf or garden as parking space is prohibited.
-Parking on the sidewalk is prohibited.
-Tourist buses shall be parked at the Royal Duty Free Shop parking lot.
-Parking of large or heavy trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles, as well as industrial and heavy equipment (e.g. forklifts, bulldozers), shall not be allowed in residential areas.
2. Using parking slots, garages/carports and house yards as storage areas and/or stockyards is prohibited.
3. Mechanical repairs and painting jobs of vehicles in parking spaces or any place in residential areas are prohibited. Trouble-shooting may be allowed.

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