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SBMA urges locators, residents to cut carbon footprint
Apr 22, 2015

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT - The Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) is urging business locators and residents in this free port to reduce their carbon footprint and undertake commitments to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

SBMA Chairman Roberto V. Garcia said the agency, through its Ecology Center, will electronically send out to all SBMA offices and locators a Carbon Footprint Calculator from the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) website for them to be able to assess their own environmental footprint.

A carbon footprint is the measure of carbon dioxide which is one of the many greenhouse gases (GHGs) produced by a business, society or individual.

A process called carbon accounting measures the amount of carbon dioxide equivalents emitted by an entity and is used, among other things, by nation states, corporations, and individuals to create the carbon credit commodity traded in carbon markets.

Garcia said this project is part of the agency’s program in observance of the Earth Day celebration on Friday, April 24.

This year's Earth Day global theme is “It’s Our Turn to Lead,” which is aimed at seeking commitments from global leaders, businesses, and citizens to pledge “Acts of Green” and to make commitments for meaningful change.

In the spirit of this global call, Garcia said the SBMA is enjoining individuals and companies in Subic “to undertake commitments for a meaningful change by computing and cutting down their carbon or environmental footprints.”

“Earth Day or not, we must all do our share in protecting our environment. So we also urge everybody to make Earth Day an everyday event in our lives,” Garcia added.

Meanwhile, the SBMA Tourism Department said that tourism-related locators in the free port have banded together to organize week-long activities in observance of Earth Day.

Subic Bay's Earth Week 2015 began April 18 with the Summer Xtreme Beach Party at the Moonbay beach, to be followed by a beach clean-up at The Lighthouse Marina Resort beachfront on April 22; yoga and healthy cooking demonstration on April 23; horseback riding, kayaking, and paddle boarding on the 24th; and a beach party at the Moonbay Marina beach on the 25th.

Earth Week 2015 is presented by The Lighthouse Marina Resort Legacy Foundation and the Subic Bay Hotels, Attractions and Tourism Stakeholders Visitors Board in cooperation with IYFR Subic Bay Fleet, Rotary Club of Subic Bay, and Rotary Club of Subic Pearl.

The project is supported by SBMA, Olongapo City, Province of Zambales, Subic Bay Chamber of Commerce, Department Environment and Natural Resources, Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary, Earth Day Network, Leave No Trace, and Zero Carbon Resorts. (30)

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