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DEPARTMENT MANAGER III, SG-26 - Intelligence and Investigation Office


posted: Mar 16, 2018

Opens: March 15, 2018
Closes: March 26, 2018

Job Announcement No.: RS 03082018-020
Department/Office: Intelligence and Investigation Office
Division: not applicable
Item No/s.: 69
Basic Salary: PhP 92,108.00
No. of Vacancy: 1
Position Level: 2nd - Executive/Managerial

Education: Master’s Degree OR Certificate in Leadership and Management from the Civil Service Commission Policies on the exemption to Master’s Degree requirement:

1. The Career Executive Service (CES) and Career Service Executive (CSE) eligibilities are considered as sufficient for permanent appointment to division chief and executive/managerial positions in lieu of the master’s degree requirement, provided that the experience and training requirements are also met.

2. RA 1080 eligibles shall be exempt from master’s degree requirement for division chief and executive/managerial positions the duties and responsibilities of which involve practice of profession or belong to the same occupational group or functionally related positions as that of the professions regulated by BAR or Board laws.

3. Completion of the degrees of Bachelor of Laws and Doctor of Medicine from a CHED-recognized institution shall be considered appropriate education for appointment to division chief and executive/managerial positions or other positions requiring master’s degree the duties of which do not involve practice of profession covered by BAR/Board laws.

Experience: Five (5) years of supervisory / management experience
Training: 120 hours of supervisory/management learning and development intervention undertaken within the last 5 years
Policies on the training requirements appointment to executive/managerial positions (SG-26 and above) in the second level:

a. For executive/managerial positions in the second level with duties and responsibilities involving practice of profession as reflected in their corresponding Position Description Form (PDF)/Job Description (JD) (i.e. Director of Accounting Department or Legal Office), the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) for BAR passers and the Continuing Professional Education/Development (CPE/CPD) for licensed professionals taken within the last 5 years may be considered appropriate trainings. Training relevant to practice of profession may also be considered in lieu of CPE/CPD. The MCLE, CPE/CPD and/or relevant trainings shall constitute for a maximum of forty (40) hours of training and the remaining eighty (80) hours shall be management training taken within the last five (5) years reckoned from the date of assessment.

b. Executive/managerial positions in the second level with duties and responsibilities which are highly-specialized in nature as shown in their PDF/JD may require trainings which are highly-technical and/or highly-specialized. These highly-technical and/or highly-specialized trainings shall make-up for a maximum of eighty (80) hours of training and the remaining forty (40) hours shall be management trainings taken within the last 5 years reckoned from the date of assessment.
Eligibility: Career Service Professional/Second Level eligibility

Additional Job Requirement/s:
• none


For plantilla personnel of SBMA and those from government agencies: Must have at least a Very Satisfactory (VS) rating at the Individual Performance Commitment and Review (IPCR) Form for year 2017.

For individuals under Contract of Services (CS): Must have at least Very Satisfactory Performance Evaluation System (PES) rating for the periods, May to September 2017, and October to December 2017.

For external applicants: PES and IPCR ratings are not required.

Qualified and interested applicants are requested to submit the following to the SBMA Human Resource Management Department not later than 4:30 P.M. of the closing date:

 Application Letter addressed to the Chairperson of the Personnel Selection Board

 Fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS) with recent passport-sized picture (CS Form No. 212, Revised 2017) including the Work Experience Sheet which can be downloaded at; Please note that under Trainings attended, only for the past ten (10) years for Rank and File applicants, and five (5) years for Executive/Managerial applicants (with inclusive dates) reckoned on the last day of submission of application;

 Photocopy of school Transcript of Records and Diploma of highest educational attainment;

 Photocopy of Certificate of Employment attesting the relevant experience held from authorized official/s (current, previous employment or jobs including volunteer work on a full time basis). SBMA personnel need not submit current Certificate of Employment;

 Photocopy of Relevant Training Certificates; and

 Proof of requisite Eligibility/valid Professional License.

Additional requirements for SBMA Personnel:
 Fully accomplished In-House Application Form; and
 Photocopy of Office Order or Memorandum on relevant experience with specific duties and responsibilities.

Additional requirement for Personnel from other government agencies:
 Clearance from current and/or previous government employer/s

In view of the bulk of application that the Human Resource Management Department (HRMD) receives, only those applicants with complete supporting documents and who meet the Minimum Qualifications Required and Job Requirements shall be notified and shortlisted. Incomplete documents shall not be accepted.

SBMA promotes an equal opportunity employment. All qualified applicants are treated equally without regard to age, status, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, educational background and disability.

Selection of personnel is on the basis of merit and fitness to perform the duties and assume the responsibilities of the position.

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