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posted: Oct 10, 2016

* Sewing Operators (Trainees) *

The prep employee should have some sewing knowledge. They will be providing support to the sewing machine operators and need to understanding how to their position impacts the sewers. They will punch eyelets, snaps, and grommets; thread bungee cord or p-cord as needed; mark fabric for the materials between production stages. Ability to follow directions is a must. A minimum of 1 year in the industry.

* Sewing Operators *

To operate an industrial grade sewing machine performing various job functions to include joining of fabric; attaching nylon webbing, hook, and loop; or other accessories which may include buttons, pre-cut plastic, etc. The sewing machine operator will be responsible for ensuring proper thread tension and stitch length as set forth by company standards and individual projects. The sewing machine operator will also be responsible for changing his/her needle or light bulbs as well as making sure the machine is set to run at appropriate speed. Good hand to eye coordination is required. Minimum of 3 years prior sewing experience in the garment industry or 1 year previous experience with backpacks, bags, and other heavy duty materials.

* Sewing Machine Mechanic *

Responsible for repair and maintenance of the sewing machines. This includes single needle, double needle, bartack machines; as well as other equipment. The ability to keep productive when not needed. Knowledge of Juki and Mitsubishi Industrial sewing machines required. Minimum of 2 years experience required. Any mechanical certification will be considered a plus.

Closing Date: November 15, 2016
Examination / Interview: To Be Announced

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