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posted: Oct 06, 2016

* Trailer Truck Driver *

Male, Single / Married; Vocational graduate / College level or graduate; With driver’s license restriction code 1, 2, 3 8; Preferably knows how to drive trailer truck; Knowledge in troubleshooting; Knows route in SBMA and ZAMBALES, MANILA, CAVITE area; Hardworking and willing to render overtime; Can work in a pressure driven environment.

* Laborer (To be assigned in RMTU) *

Male; At least high school graduate; With at least 3 years work experience in the same field; With knowledge in construction as Laborer; Must be hardworking; Willing to render overtime; Can work in a pressure driven environment .

* Welder (To be assigned in RMTU) *

Male; With relevant work experience; Must have completed NC II training in Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW); Must be hardworking; Willing to render overtime if necessary; Hardworking.

* Accounting Staff *

Male/Female; Graduate of BS in Accountancy; Must have knowledge in Accounts Payable / Vouchers Payable; Knowledgeable in computing annual alpha list of employees’ compensation; Knowledgeable in Journal Writing; Must possess a good moral character; Can render overtime; With good supervisory skills; Can work with minimum supervision; Have opportunity to work in abroad.
* HR Supervisor *

Female; A graduate of BS in Psychology or any 4-year course; With experience working as HR Supervisor in a manufacturing firm is an advantage; With excellent leadership skills; Must be well-versed with the labor laws; Smart, outspoken and aggressive; Can work in a pressure-driven environment.

* Company Nurse/HR Staff *

Female; Graduate of BS Nursing (board Passer is a must); With experience in a manufacturing firm; Preferably with knowledge in HR procedures; Must be a self starter in implementing safety policies; Must be able to handle pressure; Must be flexible and easy to train; Must be people oriented; Must have BOSH/OHNAP training.

Closing Date: October 31, 2016
Examination / Interview: To Be Announced

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