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Structuring development projects and programs based on analysis of gender relationships

GAD Program Committee Members

  • Introduction

    Gender and Development (GAD) is concerned with women and her specific roles, responsibilities and expectations in the society. It also analyzes the nature of women's contribution within the context of work done both inside and outside the household and reflects the public/private dichotomy that undervalues the work done by women in the home.

    GAD focuses on the principle that development is for all. Everyone in society, female or male, has the right to equal opportunities to achieve a full and satisfying life.

    Gender refers to the specific set of characteristics that identifies the social behavior of women and men and the relationship between them. Gender alludes not simply to women or men but the relationship between them and the way it is socially constructed. Since gender biases exist and these biases prevent people from attaining their full potentials, development is impeded.

    • Not a war of the sexes
    • Not anti-Male
    • Both women and men are victims although women more than men.
    • Both have a stake in the struggle for gender equality

  • Background / Laws in Government

    To ensure that explicit, implicit, actual and potential gender biases are removed, the government has embarked on gender and development (GAD) as one of its priority program. It is a development perspective that recognizes the unequal status and situation of women and men in society, and as an approach, GAD seeks to equalize the status and condition of and relations between them.

    Presidential Decree (PD) No. 633, dated January 7, 1975, established the National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women (NCRFW) now called the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW). The said PD serves as an advisory body to the President and his Cabinet on policies and programs for the advancement of women. It is mandated "to review, evaluate and recommend measures, including priorities to ensure the full integration of women for economic, social and cultural development at national, regional and international levels, and to ensure further equality between women and men."

    Executive Order (EO) 273, issued on September 9, 1995 and signed by President Fidel V. Ramos, adopted the Philippine Plan for Gender-Responsive Development (PPGD) 1995-2025. The PPGD 1995-2015 is a 30-year perspective plan that outlines the policies, strategies, programs and projects that the government must adopt to enable women to participate in and benefit from national development, while EO 273 directs all government agencies, departments, bureaus, offices and instrumentalities, including government-owned and controlled corporations, at the national level, sub-national and local levels to:

    • 1.1 To take appropriate steps to ensure the full implementation of the policies/strategies and programs/projects outlined in the Plan;
    • 1.2 To institutionalize Gender and Development (GAD) efforts in government by incorporating GAD concerns, as spelled out in the Plan; in their planning, programming and budgeting processes, but specifically to:
      • 1.2.1 Include/incorporate GAD concerns in the:
        1. formulation, assessment and updating of their annual agency plans;
        2. formulation, assessment and updating of their inputs to the medium/long-term, development plans; and
        3. preparation of their inputs to sectoral performance assessment reports, public investment plans and other similar documents.
      • 1.2.2 Incorporate and reflect GAD concerns in their:
        1. agency performance commitments contracts indicating key results areas for GAD as well as in their annual performance report to the President; and
        2. annual agency budget proposals and work and financial plans.

    General Appropriations ACT (GAA) On Programs/Projects Related to Gender and Development (GAD)

    "All concerned government entities shall submit their GAD plan to the National Commission on Women for review. They shall likewise submit annual reports to Congress, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), NCW, indicating the accomplishments and amounts utilized to implement programs/projects/activities addressing gender issues and women empowerment. The evaluation of agencies utilization of the GAD budget shall be performance-base"

    • Section 27:
      Programs/Projects Related to Gender and Development (GAD)." In consultation with the National Commission on Women, all departments including their attached agencies ,offices, bureaus, agencies, state universities and colleges, government-owned and controlled corporations and other instrumentalities, shall formulate a GAD Plan, designed to empower women and address gender issues, in accordance with R.A. 7192 and the Philippine Plan for Gender Responsive Development (PPGD), 1995-2025.

    An Act Providing For The Magna Carta on Women

    "All concerned government entities shall submit their GAD plan to the National Commission on Women for review. They shall likewise submit annual reports to Congress, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), NCW, indicating the accomplishments and amounts utilized to implement programs/projects/activities addressing gender issues and women empowerment. The evaluation of agencies utilization of the GAD budget shall be performance-base"

    • Section 36:
      "All departments, including their attached agencies, offices, bureaus, state universities and colleges, government-owned and controlled corporations, local government units and other government instrumentalities shall adopt gender mainstreaming as a strategy to promote women's human rights and eliminate gender discrimination in their systems, structures, policies, programs, processes and procedures."

  • Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority's Gender And Development (GAD) Program

    In compliance and in accordance with the directive from the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), Atty. Robert S. Martinez, former Deputy Administrator for Administration, approved the formation of a Working Committee that would mainstream and pursue the mandatory implementation of the said program.

    In year 2008, Subic Bay Metropolitan adopted the Gender And Development (GAD) Program, followed by the appointment of GAD Committee Members:

    Chairperson : Ms. Maria Asuncion M. Fernando
    Budget Officers : Ms. Antonietta P. Sanqui
    : Ms. Amelia F. Fernandez
    Focal Point Persons : Ms. Ma. Elizabeth M. Marcelo
    : Dra. Araceli F. Layson

    August, 2009, Ms. Lolita S. Mallari, Manager of Human Resource Management Department, appointed Nedelyn Q. Catiis as its GAD-Project Implementor.

    Last January 21, 2013, SBMA Chairman and Administrator Roberto V. Garcia signed Office Order No. 13-01-0289, Series of 2013, which states in part that:

    "The following shall constitute the SBMA-Gender And Development (GAD) Program Committee Members":

    Chairperson : Ms. Amethya Dela Llana Koval
    Budget Officers : Ms. Antonietta P. Sanqui
    : Ms. Amelia F. Fernandez
    Focal Point Persons : Ms. Rhonalyn B. Balingit
    : Ms. Nedelyn Q. Catiis
    : Dra. Araceli F. Layson

    (Ms. Amethya Dela Llana Koval and Ms. Rhonalyn B. Balingit filled in the vacant posts of Ms. Maria Asuncion M. Fernando and Ms. Elizabeth M. Marcelo, respectively).

    The tasks of the GAD Committee Members are to catalyze and facilitate the Institutionalization of gender mainstreaming and women's empowerment within the agency. While the agency is clearly responsible for implementing programs, activities and projects addressing gender issues, it is the GAD Focal Point who advocates for, coordinates, guides and monitors the development and implementation of the agency's GAD plan and GAD-related programs, activities and projects.

    They must likewise ensure the implementation, monitoring, review and updating of the Annual GAD Plans and Budget (using the Department of Budget and Management - DBM Form No. 710).

    The Agency's GAD Plan is a systematic set of programs, activities and projects with clear objectives for addressing gender issues and appropriate strategies and activities with monitoring and evaluation indicators. It is an instrument to make all aspects of the agency and its work gender-responsive. It provides the basis for the GAD budget.

    In coordination with NEDA, PCW also monitors the implementation of the Plan and periodically assesses it every six years. PCW is also authorized to issue necessary orders, circulars or guidelines pertaining to GAD implementations.


    • Continuing Implementation of Civil Service Commission on Leaves

      (Special Leave Privilege, Maternity/Paternity, Solo-Parental, Special Leave for Women who Underwent Gynecological Operation/Surgery, Ten (10) days Leave for Women their Children who are victims of Violence, Rehabilitation Leave, Special Emergency Leave due to Calamity, Flexible Working Time).

      Recognition of special gender needs through the granting of additional leave benefits aside from the Vacation & Sick Leave earned on a regular basis.

      • The work-related benefits were accorded personnel time for domestic concerns without diminution in employees' salaries.
      • Personnel recognized their parental obligations and responsibilities.
      • Recuperation after surgery is longer; without diminution in employees' earned leave.
      • Victims of abuse and violence were given importance and attention.
      • Leaves were widely availed of.

        - Data extraction from the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS)

        - Coordination with Information and Technology Department related to the extraction of data.

    • Continued Gathering of Sex Disaggregate Data

      (Monitoring of equality of treatment & opportunities for the advancement of women in government service. It also aims for the promotion of gender-sensitive governance)

      (Compilation of Statistical Report) - Regular updating of statistics on women workers in SBMA to be used in decision-making and/or program planning)

      - Data was extracted from the SBMA Employee Profile Database of the agency's Human Resource Management Department's Appointment Section (End of the year).

    • Physical Fitness Program

      (Promotion of physiological well-being &/or physical, emotional & mental health)

      • Ballroom Dancing - A fun & exciting activity to improve physical strength, muscle tone, coordination, flexibility, posture & balance.
        24 Sessions: Tuesdays and Thursdays / April 30-July 21, 2010
        Graduation Recital: July 24, 2010
      • Self Defense Course for Women ("Street Fighting") - Protection of women against dangerous attacks/situations in a real world scenario, equipping them with proper training on basic personal safety techniques.
        4 Sessions: Fridays /August 25-Seprember 15, 2011
    • "Tulong Para Sa Mga Manggagawang Filipina" Livelihood Training Project

      (Uplift of SBMA women employees' economic development through livelihood and entrepreneurial training courses/seminars and/or technical assistance. Women access to capital training, information and/or technical assistance)

      Lecture, Demonstration & Hands-on/Actual Training:
      All participants were provided with free kit/materials, food & snacks

      a) Women's Fashion Accessories Making Bracelet, earring, necklace, cellphone charms
      b) Basic Hair Cosmetology Hair trimming (long & short hair), Hair Color & Hair-Spa
      c) Trendy Balloon Decor-Making Basic, Arch, Column, Pillar & Balloon-Twisting
      d) Chinese Dimsum Making Siomai, Kikiam, Buchi, Banana, Puto-Pao
      e) Sweet Pastries Making Yema, Polvoron, Chocolate Lollipops, Peanut-Brittle, Banana Muffins
      f) Fresh Flower Arrangement Centerpieces on weddings & birthdays, flowers in a basket with balloons, bouquets
      g) Beaded Flip-Flops Making Techniques in designing & applying beads & other decorative materials suited for the flip-flops/slippers
      h) Detergent Soap Making Powder Detergent, Fabric Softener, Dishwashing Liquid
      i) Basic Cosmetology Manicure, Pedicure and nail-art
      j) Water Bonsai Making Fresh plants in a transparent vase (Water mixed with "Powder-Grower" solution)
      k) Candle Making Decorative/Aromatic

    • "Gender Sensitivity Seminar" for Department Heads - July 18, 2011

      Civil Service Commission (CSC) facilitated the training.

      In our effort to equip employees with the proper attitude, knowledge and skills to respond to personal gender issues and to recognize women's different perceptions and interests arising from their different social positions and gender roles, mainstream gender and development in one's workplace; we have requested the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Regional Office No. III to conduct a one-day "Gender Sensitivity Seminar" for SBMA Department Managers/Office Heads and GAD-Focal Point Person.

      Per Joint Circular No. 2004-1 Section 4:13 of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) "Agencies in the early stages of gender mainstreaming shall first undertake the following: 1). create a GAD Focal Point; and 2) conduct trainings on gender sensitivity before undertaking planning and budgeting."

    • National Women's Month Celebration (Whole month of March)

      (Conscientization of SBMA women employees to the National Women's Month Celebration)

      • Posting on HRMD Bulletin (Lobby)
        - "Magna Carta of Women" Brochure
        - Women's Month logo
        - CSC Memorandum Circular on the National Women's Month Celebration
      • GO NEGOSYO: Women Entrepreneurial Summit and Expo at the World Trade Center, Pasay City, Manila
        Organized the joining of SBMA women in the biggest women negosyo event of the year in celebration and observance of the International Women's Month/ Annual National Women's Month.
        SBMA women were given the chance to attend forums & lectures on a multitude of business topics & be mentored by some of the country's respected women entrepreneurs
        - In preparation for the forthcoming hands-on livelihood training to be held in SBMA within the year
        - In paying tribute to inspiring Filipina entrepreneurs as a solution to the problem of poverty in the country.
        - Promotion and activation of SBMA's gender-sensitive mechanisms and programs.
      • BABAE PO AKO!" Women's Forum (Alay sa Kababaihan ng Subic Bay")
        Participated/Working Committee in the Annual SBMA Program:
        - Social empowerment of women through sharing of information & experiences, work-life balance, relationship building & management, etc.
        - Interaction of women with various sectors of the Freeport Zone & nearby communities.
    • SUMMARY of HRMD-GAD Projects

      I. " Tulong Para Sa Mga Manggagawang Filipina" Livelihood Training    
      1) "Women's Fashion Accessories Making"    
      Batch 1 September 25, 2009 SBECC, VIP-1
      Batch 2 September 25, 2009 SBECC, VIP-1
      2) "Basic Hair Cosmetology: Haircut, Color and Spa" December 9, 2009 SBECC, Office 3
      3) "Trendy Balloon Décor" December 22, 2009 SBECC, VIP-1
      4) "Chinese Dimsum Making" September 29, 2010 OCLCDO Training Center
      5) "Sweet Pastries Making" October 27, 2010 OCLCDO Training Center
      6) "Fresh Flower Arrangement" October 14, 2011 SBECC, Office 3
      7) "Beaded Flip-Flops Making" October 28, 2011 SBECC, VIP-1
      8) "Detergent Soap Making" July 27, 2012 SBECC, Office 3
      9) "Basic Cosmetology: Manicure, Pedicure, Nail-Art" August 17, 2012 SBECC, Office 3
      10) "Water Bonsai Culture/Making" September 29, 2012 SBECC, Office 3
      11) "Decorative Candle Making" October 23, 2012 SBECC, VIP-2
      II. GONegosyo Women Entrepreneurship Summit and Expo    
      1) "Babae, Yaman Ka Ng Bayan!" 1st Women Business Summit March 2, 2009 World Trade Center, Pasay City
      2) "Babae, Yaman Ka Ng Bayan!" 2nd Women Business Summit March 8, 2010 World Trade Center, Pasay City
      3) "Babae, Yaman Ka Ng Bayan!" 3rd Women Business Summit March 4, 2011 World Trade Center, Pasay City
      4) "Babae, Yaman Ka Ng Bayan!" 4th Women Business Summit March 2, 2012 World Trade Center, Pasay City
      5) "GoNegosyo 5th Women Entrepreneurship Summit 2013" March 1, 2013 World Trade Center, Pasay City
      III. "BABAE PO AKO!" Women Forum    
      1) "Babae Po Ako, Year 4" March 30, 2009 SBECC, Plenary Hall
      2) Year 5 - "Boto Ng Kababaihan, atbp." March 22, 2010 SBECC, Plenary Hall
      3) Year 6 - "Ina ng Tahanan, Circa 2011" March 30, 2011 SBECC, Plenary Hall
      IV. Physical Fitness Program    
      1) Ballroom Dance Lessons April 23-July 9, 2009 Admiral Guest House
        (Every Tuesdays & Thursdays) SUBAC Lobby
      Graduation Recital July 24, 2009 SBECC, Lounge
      2) Self Defense for Women : "Street Fighting" August 25/Sept. 1,8,15, 2011 Remy Field and Aikido Gym
        (Every Fridays: 4:00-6:00)  
      V. Civil Service Commission    
      "Gender Sensitivity Seminar" for Department Heads July 18, 2011 SBECC, Office 3

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