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Ronnie R. Yambao

Ronnie R. Yambao


About Us

The Office of the Deputy Administrator (ODA) for Business is primarily focused on the growth and development of the tourism industry in the Freeport. It is committed to empowering the whole Tourism group and its stakeholders in their continuous effort to provide quality customer service, facilities and attractions to tourists and visitors of Subic Bay.


  • To maximize customer and stakeholder value by providing quality customer service in all the facilities being managed under the ODA for Business, as well as through the creation of different events and activities throughout the year.
  • To ensure greater tourist patronage in Subic Bay by spearheading different tourism-related programs, projects and events beneficial to all
  • To provide fast and efficient service through immediate responses and action on all documentation requirements
  • To propose guidelines, policies and standards that will help increase service quality and customer satisfaction


To promote the Freeport as a premier ecotourism showcase and destination, thus serving as effective vehicle for environmental protection and conservation, and the generation of revenues and employment opportunities in and around the zone.


  • To oversee the management and operation of Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA)-owned tourism facilities as tourist attractions and revenue sources
  • To create and update guidelines and policies as they relate to the management and operation of the different sections and department under this Office
  • To provide assistance to other SBMA departments and stakeholders
  • To address the concerns of and act as liaison between tourism stakeholders and the SBMA management

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